Thursday, December 31, 2015

Are you ready to receive your blessings?

When the soul is ready, the blessings will appear - Bo Sanchez
When the soul is ready, the blessings will appear - Bo Sanchez

Are you ready to receive your blessings this New Year? I am. In fact my blessings started to come even before 2015 ended.

When the soul is ready,

the blessings will appear.

-Bo Sanchez

This is one of the lessons that I have learned from Bo Sanchez' Truly Rich Club and perhaps one of my favorites. The message simply says that if we want to receive God's unlimited and unbounded, overflowing blessings, we must prepare ourselves to receive them. If you want to have good health, then eat healthy food and exercise; You want to want to gain more knowledge to have a high grade in school or to be more efficient in work? Then do your part, STUDY. You  want be financially blessed? Then learn how to manage your finances first and learn how to increase your cashflow. That's what I had been doing in the past few weeks.

In weeks that I have been silent in this blog (and I apologize for those who visited this blog during those times and found nothing new), I had been preparing myself to receive my blessings on 2016.

How did I Prepare to Receive my Financial Blessings?

  1. Learn to manage my personal finances -  I've been reading books and articles on managing personal finances. I also download audio/video talks on this subject. So far my best source of continuous and updated information in this matter is Bo Sanchez' Truly Rich Club.

    I have also attended a couple of seminars about managing personal finances.

    The best thing that happened perhaps is I met at least two persons who could mentor me in improving my personal finance management, plus a chance to increase my cash flow. Which is my next step. 
  2. Set Financial Goal - one of the benefits of monitoring my expenses, I can now set my financial goal. I have written down how much I wanted to earn monthly; gradually increasing it each month.
  3. Increase Cash Flow - increasing cash flow does not only mean increasing my income, but it also means I have to cut down my expenses.
    I started by monitoring my expenses. From there, slowly, I cut down my expenses by limiting the amount on the unnecessary expenses like, junk food and soft drinks. Not only I cut down my expenses, I'm cutting down my sugar and calorie intake too.

    Increasing my income - at least two opportunities has been opened to me to increase my income:
  1. Offer my skills online - For a few years now, I have been improving my skills on web development, and I created our company's Intranet web portal. I have also created a wi-fi portal. Graphic design has always been a passion for me. I had been drawing since I was little. I have decided to offer these skills online. I created my personal website for this endeavor (
  2. Teaching Personal Finance Management - While I'm still on the learning

  1. stage, I have recently passed the Variable Universal Life (VUL) Insurance licensure exam. Unlike the traditional life insurance VUL focuses on investment. The process teaches the policy holders discipline saving and investing regularly. Also, I have joined a group whose advocacy is to teach people on how to manage their finances effectively and show them where to invest.

The Blessings Will Come

I know I am ready to receive the blessings. In fact I have already received one last week. I have received a pre-loaded debit card from Redgage. It contains $98.50. It's not much but it is a start. As Bro. Bo said in one of his talks, we should see a storm of blessings even when there is only a tiny bit of cloud in the skies.

That being said, may you all be ready to receive your blessings this 2016.