Thursday, August 20, 2015

Be Truly Free!

Welcome to Be Truly Free

Welcome to Be Truly Free. This blog is about my journey to financial freedom. I originally, I intended to put up this blog on a free hosting server as a subdomain. Unfortunately, the server is just about 94% reliable (for this week anyway). I could not even view my site for  over 11 hours yesterday. When it's online, it's just too slow.

Why make this blog?

I have recently reactivated my membership in the Truly Rich Club - it's a paid membership site, that teaches their members how to handle their personal finances and how to invest in the stock market. Since it's a paid membership site, not all are willing to join right away. I realized however, that the monthly subscription, is quite very low compared to the benefits that the members receive. (I'll tell more about this in my future posts).

Thus, I made this blog so I can share to you what I have learned from the Truly Rich Club, and other sources on how to handle personal finances, hoping that you too would join me on my journey to financial freedom--- meaning to be debt free!

What to Expect From This Blog

First of all... What's not to expect from this blog.

  1. No EXPERT Tutorial on Personal Finance. I'm not an expert in handling personal finances, so this is not a tutorial.
  2. There will be NO GET-RICH-QUICK schemes here.
At least don't expect to find these two in this site. Although I might share some How-To's about handling personal finance -- but based on my personal experience only.

These are the things that you should expect from this blog.
  1. Personal sharing - This is what this blog is all about. I will post here my experiences on how I handle my personal finances and how it affects my daily life.
  2. Book Reviews -  I read a lot of books, and there are so many books out there that teaches about handling personal finance effectively.
  3. Useful Tips and How-To's- basically, these will be tips and How-To's that I find useful or that worked on me.
These are the three things or you might say categories that you could expect from this blog. However, the contents will not be limited by them. I might post some articles outside these categories.

I hope you will join me in my journey to financial freedom.