Wednesday, August 26, 2015

My Journey to Personal Financial Freedom Begins

My Journey to Financial Freedom Begins

I'm so excited today! I am about to start... No! I have just started my journey to financial freedom!

I just got my account on COLfinancial verified and just on perfect timing too. The stock market had been plunging for the past few days (or weeks) and the news today says, it's started to climb. Hopefully, I'm not too late to buy at a bargain price.

Investing in the Stock Market For the First Time

Yes, it's my first time to invest in the stock market. I chose this as my "vehicle" to financial freedom.

Ok, you might be thinking that I've got lots of money that I can invest them in the stock market. No! Believe it or not, I only have PhP5,000.00 (That's about $110.00) to start with, and it took me a few months to save that much... well I was able to save this much before but I have spent some it in some  "emergencies".

PhP 5,000.00 may seem to be too small to start an investment, but that's the beauty of it. Anyone can now start investing in the stock market in as little as PhP 5,000.00.

Why Invest in the Stock Market?

I wanted to earn extra money. That's the bottom line. But why invest in the stock market instead of engaging in a small buy-and-sell business?  First of all, I have a full time day-time job. I just don't have the time to do buy-and-sell. By investing in stock market, however, I could buy stocks from some really good corporations let my money stay for days, weeks, even years. If  I did invest on good corporations, my money could grow as much as 20 percent in a year, or even more.  This is called passive income. Of course I have to sell the stocks at the right time to earn.

How Do I Choose the Right Stocks To Buy?

The process of choosing the right stocks to buy is very very complicated. Not only you choose the right company, but you need to know also when to buy  and sell. This process involves a lot of Math! (Ugh!). The good news is, I don't do the process myself. I don't have to!

There is this site called The Truly Rich Club that sends to their (paying) members information about which stocks to buy and which stocks to sell. The picture below is an example of the Stocks update from a pdf file that I download from the site.  It also came with an article that explained what is happening in Stock Market these days.

Stock Market Update from Truly Rich Club
Stock Market Update from Truly Rich Club

Aside from Stock Market updates, The Truly Rich Club members also receives some bonuses like teachings on how to handle personal finances. I will explain these bonuses on my future posts, or you could explore the site yourself for free.

If you have some questions, feel free to post it on the comment box below.

Happy Investing!