Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Turning My Life Dreams Into Life Goals

Turn your life dreams into life goals

Have you already down your life dreams? In my previous post, I described how I wrote down my dreams on the Novena to God's Love App. I wrote in as much details as I could what I want to have after three years, how much I want to earn starting the end of this year and I want to earn that amount.

Reading My Dreams Everyday

Every morning, as part of my morning prayer, and sometimes, while I sip my morning coffee, I read these dreams. Sometimes, I refine these dreams, adding a little more detail. The other day, I joined at least two related dreams into one, and added another set of dream.

The beauty of reading my dreams everyday is, it moves me to act on it. A part of my dreams is to increase my monthly income. One of the sources that I could think of is upwork.com (formerly odesk.com). I haven't had any job from upwork yet, So I spend more time learning how to get one... and less time playing games.

Turning my Life Dreams Into Life Goals

By reading my dreams everyday, I'm turning my life dreams into life goals. In order to achieve these goals, the next step that I need to take is write down the possible ways I could achieve these goals, and make my dreams come true.

Make your dreams come true!