Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Where Is This Blog Going At?

I have been reviewing my blog posts for the past few days. I created this blog so I can share my journey to my financial freedom; however, I ended up jumping from one topic to another. I admit, I created some of my posts out impulse, specially when I shared about how I invested in the stock market. 

Different Areas of Life

Though, I mentioned that the main purpose why I created this blog, is how I journey (note: present tense) to financial freedom. It will be the main focus most of the time, but I realized that I need to cover also other areas of life in order to be truly free. Because financial freedom could not be truly achieved if you fail in other areas of life. What  can you do, with all your money, if your relationship with your family is miserable? Or your failing health is draining all the money you have earned? 
So these are the areas of life that I will touch on this blog. Basically, these will be my personal experience and lessons that I would like to share:

7 Areas of Life 
7 areas of life

  1. Spiritual
  2. Family/ Relationship
  3. Financial
  4. Wisdom / Personal Development
  5. Health
  6. Career
  7. Social 
I wanted to focus only on the Financial Area, but to be Truly Financially Free -- as Robert Kiyosaki puts it:

"Financial freedom is much more than having money. It's the freedom to be who you really are and do what you really want in life"
So, you can't win on the financial aspect then fail on the others. To be Truly Free, we must cover and win on all areas of life. These seven will be my categories, however, I would to focus mainly on the Financial Area; specifically on getting out of (my) debts.  Since these seven are actually inter-related I will be touching the areas from time to time.

Sub Categories
I also have the  following sub-categories

  1. Goal Settings - How I set my goals --- starting with my life dreams and how I turn them into goals.
  2. Financial Literacy - I will include here what I  have learned on financial literacy from book authors, financial experts, etc...
  3. Action Plans - What I actions I plan to take what I am taking 
  4. Success stories. - Of course my success (and failures) stories.
These sub-categories may fall on any of the main topics.

Minor Categories

I will have the following (but not limited to) minor categories. Any of these may fall under any of the main categories and sub-categories
  1. Getting Out of Debt - Yes, I still have debts, and I'm getting out of it. You can find your way out too.
  2. Income Stream - I'll share which works for me which doesn't. But mind you, what doesn't work for me may work for you and vice-versa.
  3. Tithing - I've had a lot of experience on this subject and I'd love to share about it.
  4. Truly Rich Club - I'll share the lessons I've learned from the Truly Rich Club, and I will keep on encouraging you to join! It's all worth it!
  5. Financial Mistakes - "A wise man learn from his mistakes, a wiser man learn from the mistakes of others." - I forgot who said this but learn from the mistakes that I have done and avoid these mistakes

Going Tag-Lish

I want to focus on my Filipino readers for now. To do this, I sometimes feel I could reach out better if I write in Tagalog from time to time or a mixture of Tagalog and English which we call Tag-Lish. Kung pwede nga lanag Tag-lish-saya (Tagalog -English-Bisaya). Bakit? (Why? ) I realized that our situation here in the Philippines is different from other countries, they have different Stock Market companies, different insurance policies, different health care. They use their taxes differently (more effectively in some other countries) at hindi napupunta sa PORK BARREL! 
And of course mas masaya pag nag Tag-Lish. Writing in pure English makes it seem too serious!

Of course, I don't want to leave out other nationalities, as well, So I might post a pure English version on this site or on my other site which I will indicate at the bottom of each post or I'll put a link on a sidebar.

Image source: Pixabay