Saturday, October 3, 2015

Have You Written Down Your MAGIC dreams.

Write your dreams in details
Recently I wrote down my dreams on my smart phone. I don't mean the dreams that I have during my sleep, but my dreams for my life. What I want to have in a few years, how much I want to earn monthly and the likes,

I wrote it as detailed as I can, like how much I wanted to earning starting on a specific date in the near future, how many bedrooms do I want my dream house to have.

Novena To God's Love
As I started to write down my dreams on my phone, I remembered I prayer from the Truly Rich Club which was formulated to ask for blessings to your life dreams.  I wanted to put the prayer at the beginning of my file, so I Googled for it. What I found was more than just the words of the prayer.  I found a Novenda To God's Love Android App on the Google Play Store. Without hesitation I downloaded it and explored it right away.

It is a very simple app, where it shows not only the prayer, but you can also write down your seven prayers.What I loved the most is the instruction that says to turn your dreams into M-A-G-I-C Dreams!

My 7 Dreams

MAGIC stands for:
  • M- Measurable - When you write down your dreams, make it specific. Don't just say a big house, write, the total area of the house, how many bedrooms, the colors even if you want to. How much do you want to earn per month? When do you want to start earning that amount?
  • A- Ambitious - not to take the word's negative meaning, but is suggests that when you dream, make it a big dream, but of course something attainable also. If you are earning PHP10,000.00 a month right now, dream that you are earning 10 times more than that. 
  • G- Godly - Your dreams should not be coming from your selfish ego, or not because of your greed. Your dreams should have a higher purpose than just achieving the dreams themselves.
  • I- Imaginative - Write the details, write how your dream house would look like, where is it facing, imagine yourself living in it, enjoying it as God's blessings.
  • C-Complete - Don't just dream of earning more money, or having a dream house and car, Have dreams that covers all important aspects of you life, Spiritual, Family/Relationships, Physical (health), Intelectual, Financial... so when you achieve your dreams, it will be truly complete.

Read and Pray For It Everyday!

After writing my drams on the Novena to God's Love App, I open it everyday, every morning, I would open the app, pray the novena and read my dreams. As I read it (sometimes refine my dreams, adding a little detail), I get excited and of course, it inspires me to do something in order to achieve those dreams!

Now the next step is to look for additional income streams in order to achieve those dreams.

May Your Dreams Come True. 


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The image of the house is from Pixabay.
The screenshots of the Novena to God's Love App is mine