Wednesday, September 23, 2015

5 Reasons I Joined The Truly Rich Club

In previous posts, I have mentioned the Truly Rich Club a number of times, and for sure you will be reading more of Truly Rich Club in this blog. If you're not familiar with this club, you might be wondering what is this Truly Rich Club that I have been mentioning again and again in this blog.

What is the Truly Rich Club?

The Truly Rich Club is an online web service created by Bo Sanchez, (a Filipino- Catholic Lay Preacher --- in case hindi nyo pa kilala si Bro. Bo). Though this club, Bro. Bo guides the members on how to handle not only their personal finances, but he also teaches how to win in all areas of life, not just their finances. 

5 Reasons I Joined The Truly Rich Club

Other member may have different reasons why they joined the Truly Rich Club, these are the 5 reasons I joined the Truly Rich Club
  1. I wanted to gain financial literacy. - unfortunately I never learned how to handle my personal finances. They never taught it in schools, my parents (God bless their souls) only knew to put their savings in the bank.
  2. I have debts and I wanted to know how to get free of them.  - Yup, you are not alone having problems with debts. I have a six figure debt and did not know how to get out of it with my four digit income.
  3. I wanted to know how to achieve my dreams - This is one thing I did not do before I started reading Bo's books and Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Poor Dad, I never even imagine what I would like to be and have in the future. The reading these books made me realize that I must have a dream for my future.
  4. I wanted to learn how to invest in the stock market - Probably the main reason that I joined the Truly Rich Club. I thought before that investing in the stock market would take so much of my time and would 
  5. Tons of E-Books and Audio/Video teachings available for download. These teachings are not limited to personal finances and spiritual topics only, but also on other topics on personal development and even health.
As I have mentioned, others have different reasons in joining the Truly Rich Club. With my reasons above, I invite you to join the Truly Rich Club as well and start receiving your abundant blessings.