Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Reasons I Started This Blog

Last month (August 7, 2015), the Truly Rich Club Caravan went to Roxas City. When I heard of it, I got so excited. I used to be a Gold member of Truly Rich Club for over a year. In all those time, I have learned a lot about handling personal finance. However, I have never taken any steps to put what I have learned into action. After sometime, when the amount in my virtual debit card was consumed, I did not bother to renew my Gold membership and got automatically downgraded to bronze membership.

The Truly Rich Club Caravan

The moment I learned that the Truly Rich Club will be having a caravan in our region, and in our city to be exact, it did not take me 2 seconds to decide to attend the event. It so happens that the venue where it was held was one of the businesses of our company. What came as a bonus blessing was, when I heard our HR head asked our financial controller who he suggest to attend the event, I immediately told her that I would. Not knowing, that the company will shoulder the registration fee for the employees who will attend the event. 

I believe it was really God's way of telling me. You've studied long enough, it's time to put into action. For in that event, I was able to renew my subscription for the Truly Rich Club plus I was able to fill up the COL Financial application form right on that date.

My excitement did not end after the event. In fact it just started. Even before the event ended, I have already been trying to think of a way to share what I have learned and what I would experience as I journey to my Financial Freedom! 

I wanted to share because I know that there are lots of people out there that are like me --- who needs to take action in order to control my personal finances,  get out of my debts and be truly financially free!

The Reason I Started This Blog

I wanted to help others achieve true financial freedom. Not that I am already a financial expert, but I believe that by sharing my actions and experiences, I could inspire others to follow the steps that I am taking as I journey to my own financial freedom.

So I invite you to follow me in my journey to financial freedom! Better yet, learn directly from where I learn how to get there by joining Truly Rich Club yourself!