Sunday, September 27, 2015

11 Blessings You Will Get When You Join The Truly Rich Club

11 Blessings you will receive when you join the Truly Rich Club

I have been a subscriber of Truly Rich Club for a long time. For one whole year I had been a Gold member, but after that I reverted to Bronze membership which is for free. Recently I have renewed my Gold membership and once again I receive the 11 blessings below:

  1. Bo's Power Talks in audio and video formats available for download. -These Power Talks are just so "Powerfully" inspiring. I was only able to hear Bo talk live once. These downloadable Power Talks are blessings indeed. At least I will be able to hear Bo teach about not only about personal finance management, but his spiritual teachings as well.
  2. Success mentors collection every 3 months -  A collection of interview by Bro. Bo. of his different mentors for success. Gold members will be able to hear from these experts on their fields.
  3. Wealth Strategies -  life-changing principles and practical “action plans” on how to grow in your financial life. It covers everything from the universal principles of abundance, down to detailed instructions, like where to invest and grow your money, to how to protect your wealth, etc
  4. God Whisper- a very short, sometimes humorous, sometimes serious, but always insightful personal message from God . This alone is worth the membership (at least for me).
  5. Truly Rich Audio Seminar - For people like me looking for teachings how to be financially free, these downloadable audio files (in mp3 format) are a great blessings indeed. 
  6. How to Conquer Your Goliath e-book - another great e-book written by Bro. Bo Sanchez. This book teaches how to overcome the difficulties in life.
  7. Turn Your Thoughts into Things - have you heard of  "The Law of The Harvest"? This book explains that and how to use it to receive God's Abundance.
  8. Passive Income every month 20%+ 5% commission - Earning from this site as well is a great bonus. The downloadable files are great blessings enough, but a chance to earn and have free membership plus residual income is just fantastic.
  9. Earn Additional Passive Income From Bo's Other Internet work - Bro Bo doesn't just talk about money. He was a Catholic Charismatic lay minister in the first place, and he has other sites that could help people in different aspects of their lives, e.g. health, family and even love life.
  10. My Maid Invests in the Stock Market Full Version - His maid, earning a maid's salary is actually richer than me for a hundred fold! Would you believe that? If his maids can invest in the stock market, why can't I?
  11. Monthly Stock Updates - this is what I love the most. I learned about investing in the stock market from this site. This monthly stock updates (plus the daily SAM table) makes it even more easier to invest without having to monitor the stock market everyday.
To Summarize:

To summarize this, by joining the Truly Rich Club, not only you will increase your financial literacy and learn how to invest in the stock market (plus other income stream), you will also earn commissions!
How much is a Gold membership cost? It's only PHP 499.00 month! If you take a look at Blessing No 8, you'll get  a chance to have a free subscription!

So start receiving your abundant blessings and start your own journey towards your dream! Join the Truly Rich Club now!